Example : pressure, fluid temperature...


How could we pay?

We take in charge MasterCard/Visa and the Paypal online secure payment.

Are all of your items in store?

Level of storage are indicated on the product details with the following color markup: the green means the item is on the shelves , orange means that it remains onlyfew products and red means the stock is sold out.

I don't find an answer to my question, what can I do?

If you don't find an answer on this page, you can be in touch with Sens4Speed team through the "Contact" page.

How works the sponsorship system?

During your registration, you'll see a line where it is possible for you to indicate your referral agent. You just have to write his email address to receive 5% on your next purchase (you could use it for your first order). On the same time, your sponsor will receive 10% for his next order.

When will I receive my order?

The delivery time is 5 or 6 days after order confirmation.

In which countries do you deliver?

We deliver in all countries worldwide.

How can I follow my order?

Once the order is confirmed, you'll receive, via email, a tracking number. This number allows you to follow your order step by step.

Can I pay in installments?

The payment in installments isn't allows on this website.

Are the payment methods secured?

We work with the BNP (an official French bank) which secures all transactions on the website.

How to get the free delivery?

The free delivery is automatic for all orders with sum more than 500 Euros.

Taxes Informations

On the website, all prices are given without taxes. There is also the system of intra taxes. These taxes are reserved to the companies and to universities; the follow table explains this system:

Client's Type Geographic Area taxes
Particular France Yes
Particular Europe Yes
Particular The World No
Company France Yes
Company with an intra number Europe No
Company without an intra number Europe Yes
Company The World No
Universities France Yes
Universities with an intra number Europe No
Universities without an intra number Europe Yes
Universities The World No

How to change my name, my email address and my password?

When you are connected, you just have to go on the section “My account” and you'll be able to change your name, email address and password.

I forgot my password...

In the section "My Account" you'll see a link called “Forgot your password?” just on the right of connection's button. You have then to write your email address and you'll receive a new password. You'll be able to change it later.


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