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Texense INF-BS Tyre Temperature is easy to install, without wire and is...
€120.00 Ex Tx
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The real time Original Equipment direct TPMS warns against sudden...
starting at €725.00 Ex Tx
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Mixture Monitoring Kit

The kit includes a high quality lambda sensor and an analogcontroller.
€230.00 Ex Tx
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This mini position transducer is designed for direct absolute measurement...
starting at €128.00 Ex Tx
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THK 200-400-1250°C Thermocouple amplifier

The Texense THK thermocouple amplifier controls the compensation of the...
starting at €99.30 Ex Tx
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Binder 4 Pins Connector

Low-cost, good quality, 4 pins plastic connector.
€9.00 Ex Tx
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