Frequently Asked Questions

Which payment methods do you accept ?

We accept both Visa and MasterCard, as well as online payment through Paypal.

Are all your articles in stock ?

Stocks are shown on the product details under the following color coding : green indicates that there is available stock, orange indicates an almost exhausted stock, and red indicates that the product is no longer in stock.

I cannot find an answer to my question. What do I do ?

If you can't find an answer on this page, please send us a message through this website's "Contact" page.

How does the sponsorship system work ?

If you have a sponsor, you may enter their email address in a specific field found in the sign-up page. Doing so will give you a 5% discount on your next purchase (effective right away, even on your very first order) and will also give your sponsor a 10% one.

When will I receive my order ?

The shipping process takes roughly 5-6 days after the sale has been confirmed.

Which countries can you ship orders to ?

All countries on all continents are eligible for shipping.

How do I track my order ?

Upon approval of the order, a tracking ID number will be sent to you by email, allowing you to track your order.

Is it possible to pay in several instalments ?

Payment in several instalments is not possible on this website.

Are the payment methods secure ?

We work with the BNP, who ensures the security of the payment widgets used by this website.

How do I benefit from free shipping ?

Free shipping is automatically applied to orders amounting to €500 or more on this website.

Details on the VAT

All prices on this website are given with Exluded Taxes. There is also an intra-community VAT system in place for certain companies and universities, as explained in the following table :

Type of customer Geographical area Pay VAT ?
Individual France Yes
Individual Europe Yes
Individual Rest of the World No
Company France Yes
Company with intra-community number Europe No
Company without intra-community number Europe Yes
Company Rest of the World No
Universities France Yes
Universities with intra-community number Europe No
Universities without intra-community number Europe Yes
Universities Rest of the World No

How do I change my name, email address or password ?

When logged in, all you have to do is head over to the "My Account" page. There, you will be able to change your profile information.

I forgot my password

In the "My Account" page, you will see a link labelled "Forgotten password ?" next to the log-in button. You will then be asked to enter your email address, which will allow you to receive a new password by email. You may change your password again afterwards in the "My Account" page.