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Porsche Partnership

- 30/08/2018 -

Texense (Sens4Speed) is proud to be a partner of the Porsche 919 that etablished the lap record on the Nürburgring circuit in 5 minutes, 19 seconds and 55 hundredths. The previous record dated from 1983.


To make sure you do not miss anything, do not hesitate to watch the on-board video available here: https://vimeo.com/279456364

Sens4Pro Launch

- 12/03/2018 -

The Sens4speed team is proud to announce you the launch of our new website "Sens4Pro"

This one is for Texense products of the Pro Motorsport category.

Do not hesitate to come discover it, our team is at your service and assure you a reply as soon as possible (GMT+1).

Tecmas et Kenny FORAY win the French Superbike championship

- 03/09/2017 -

The Sens4speed team is pleased to announce the victory of the team Tecmas and Kenny FORET to the championship of France SUPERBIKE.

TECMAS trusted us for technical support and gave us in return a beautiful reward.

The Sens4speed team


Sens4speed, partnership with Tecmas Team

- 06/05/2015 -

We are happy to confirm our technical partnership with Tecmas Team attending the french 600 Supersport Championship.


This will allow us to test our products in real racing conditions.

Tecmas deserves our confidence and justify our commitment.


Sens4speed Team

New Facebook page of Sens4speed crated

- 06/07/2014 -

Hi everyone,

The official page of Sens4speed was created on Facebook, so come on like our page and you will can benefit of special promotion code that we will share only with our fans.



- 01/01/2014 -

With Sens4speed, universities have their own operating system.On our website, the universities have 30% discount on the Texense products and 20% for other suppliers.

A proforma invoice could be printed to allow a payment from your administrative department. A payment via Paypal or credit card is still available as well.

Website launch

- 12/11/2013 -

Texys welcomes you on its new Sens4speed site. You will find everything you need in terms of research and improve performance.

If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team is at your service and assure you a reply as soon as possible (GMT+1).


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